TE 2008 issues for migration

May 23, 2008 at 1:17 AM
i just recently took the initiative to migrate our project on a TFS2005 Server to another TFS 2005 server with the migration tool. I have visual studios 2005 running on my machine. and accroding to the Requirements of the migration tool, i installed Team Explorer 2008 as well. However, I am facing a weird situation.

There are two TFS one ill call Server A and the other B.

now if i login with visual studios 2005 and TE 2005, i see the proejcts of  Server A, and Server B in the right order.

However, If i login in to either Server A or Server B using the TE 2008, the result is weird. I see the projects of Server A on server B and vice Versa.
so, in a way, I tave to login to the TFS server B to see the Porjects of Server A.

Has anyone come across this issue. If yes, can you kindly explain to me as to what is going on here.