work item sync error

Dec 3, 2009 at 3:57 PM


I'm trying to sync two projects located on the same server. I've tried both TFS to TFS Migration Tool v1.1.31205.1 and v1.1, and i get the same error message, although i'm logged in with the built-in Administrator account, and the Team Foundation Migration Service is started with these credentials.

Confirm Start Session
NOTE: TfsMigrationWindowsServiceHost is not run by an account in the Windows Administrator group. Your session will be pending until you grant the service owner with the requisite permission.

Confirming session start:

Session Name:    WITSession_2009_12_03_14_57_04_333
Direction:        Bi-Directional (Move Items Both Ways)
Start Type:    One Time only (not an ongoing Syncronization)

Are you sure that you want to start this session?
Yes   No   


If I click YES, under the Migration Activity, i get the Synchronization engine has crashed message each 5 second. Can't see any error message nor in Event Viewer, nor in SQL Server Logs. I can't find this tool's own log files.

I get this same error on two separate servers. The servers aren't in a domain environment, just simple workgroups.