TFS to TFS Migration Tool v1.1.31205.1 Prerelease

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Released: Dec 5, 2008
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Release Notes

This tool has been obsoleted

The TFS to TFS Migration Tool hosted on this project has been obsoleted. The underlying Migration Toolkit has been replaced by a new project: the TFS Integration Platform. If you are interested in learning more about the new platform and its capabilities, please visit the project page.

Migration Guidance

If you’re thinking about migrating to TFS, but don’t know where to start, then check out the Migration Guidance Document which was initially released on the TFS Integration Platform CodePlex project page. This document outlines many of the common scenarios for migrating data into TFS, and it provides recommended options for each scenario.

If you’re looking for other migration tools or partner services, please also see the TFS Migration and Integration Solutions page on MSDN

TFS to TFS Migration Tool v1.1.31205.1 (Prerelease)

The setup experience for the TFS to TFS migration tool has always been rough. Feedback from the v.1.1 pre-release version of the tool made it clear that setup needed some attention. It got some. The v1.1.31205.1 release is a new setup wrapper on the v1.1 bits. It will not remove the rough edges from the overall TFS migration tooling experience (sorry), but it should at least help with the setup experience.

The setup changes go further than the basic install of the TFS to TFS Migration Tool. You will find source for the project installed if you choose to enable the TFS Migration Tools SDK feature.

Known Issues:
1) Tool seems to install fine but starting session generates no events or trace messages (see issue 6724 for workaround)
1) VC migration may fail with the error message 'TFS Migration Error: Multiple items conflict with the same change'. (see issue 6618 for workaround)

TFS to TFS Migration Tool v1.1 (Prerelease)

The purpose of this release is to fix many of the issues in the previous release of the tool, and to leverage the Migration and Synchronization Toolkit v1.1.


  • It is recommended that the latest client and server bits are used wherever possible. Also, the TFC version used should be greater than or equal to the highest TFS version (i.e. for a migration from 2005 SP1 to a 2008 server, use 2008 or 2008 SP1 client).
  • TFS 2005 Service Pack 1 is the minimum version for both the server and the client machines
  • A SQL Server 2005 database must be deployed

Uninstalling the tool

  • When uninstalling the TFS to TFS Migration Tool v1.1, one of the databases created by the Migration Toolkit (tfsmigration) will not be deleted by the uninstall wizard. The database must be removed manually for subsequent installations to work correctly.

Improvements in this Release

  • See the improvements of the Migration and Synchronization Toolkit v1.1
  • "The key is not present in the dictionary" exception is no longer thrown by the tool.
  • Pressing the connect button no longer repopulates the Team Projects in the combo box.
  • Duplicate Team Projects are no longer shown when the source and target are the same server.
  • Timestamps have been added to the session name. This keeps the names unique after subsequent migration ru

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did not work for me at all :(
by levidos on Feb 10, 2010 at 11:37 AM