• Q: Is there a trace log for the tool/toolkit?
A: Yes. It is located in the folder that the application is installed to. In most cases this will be:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\TFS To TFS Migration Tool\TfsToTfsMigrationTool-trace.txt
  • Q: My changesets are not being picked up but I see them in TFS. What could be wrong?
A: If you have run the tool before on the same source server, it "remembers" changesets that were already migrated from the last attempt and keeps track of the last changeset that was migrated (it stores a "high watermark"). To restart a migration, see the question and answer below. You can also safely delete the TfsMigration database if you truly want to restart a migration, the tool automatically recreates the database the first time that the tool is run.

  • Q: How do I clear all state from my database?
A: You can delete the TfsMigration database or execute the delete statements below. Note that this will restart your migration from the very beginning.
delete from sessionstate
delete from conversionhistory
delete from changegroups
delete from actiondata
  • Q: Does the tool support migration between TFS 2005 and TFS 2008 Servers?
A: Yes. the tool now supports this. Also note that Team Foundation Client 2008 is now a requirement.
  • Q: When migrating across domains, will usernames be preserved?
A: For Work Items yes, for Version Control items usually no. Read more here...

  • Q: Source Control Migration Halts with message "The branch source of item $/TeamProject1/Branch is not mapped in session VCSession_0." How do I continue migration?
A: The problem is that in TFS Branch operations require two paths. A path to branch from and a path to branch to. Both of these paths must be on the same server; but the migration tool will only migrate paths which are under a mapping.
In your case the path in the error message is the branch to path which you have mapped. If the branch from path on the source server is not also mapped; then it will never be moved to the target server.
The target server will be unable to create the branch; causing this error.

In order to migrate this branch you need to figure out what the branch from folder is and create a new session with an additional mapping for that folder.
Navigate to the $/TeamProject1/Branch folder in Source Control Explorer and Right Click it->Properties->Branches(tab) you should be able to see the branching structure for this folder. Add a mapping for each of the ancestors of the path you want to migrate.

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