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Setup Guide for TFS To TFS Migration Tool - Updated for November 15, 2007 Pre-Release


  1. Team Foundation Client 2008 must be present on the machine that the tool is installed on.
  2. Windows Vista (see note below about running as administrator) or Windows Server 2003
  3. .Net 3.0 or .Net 3.5 (Win2K3 only, already installed with Vista). The tool uses WCF.
  4. SQL Client, and a database server with SQLExpress or SQL Server.
  5. All Team Foundation Servers must be TFS 2005 SP1 or TFS 2008.

Installation Notes:

  1. Windows Vista Users - The UI must be run as Administrator. You can do this by right-clicking on TfsToTfsMigrationToolUI.exe and selecting 'Run as Administrator'.
  2. SQL Client needs to be installed locally, even if installing the database on a remote machine.
    1. The installer uses SQLCMD on the local machine, so that must be callable from the command line. You can double-check this by bringing up a command prompt and typing ‘SQLCMD’, and insuring that the program is found.
  3. The tool does not need to be installed on the TFS Application Tier (AT), but, Team Foundation Client 2008 must be installed on the machine running the tool.
    1. If you do not have any of the Team Suite versions of Visual Studio installed, Team Foundation Client is located in the ‘TFC’ folder of your TFS install media, and is the slimmest installation of a client that can access TFS.
  4. The account that you run the Installer as for this tool must have the following rights:
    1. Local administrator
    2. Sufficient permissions on the database server to create the new database.
  5. The account that the tool runs under (this is the account that the installer prompts you for and will be used as the Windows Service account) must have the following rights:
    1. ‘Log on as a service’ on the local machine.
    2. Member of the 'Service Accounts' TFS group. This can only be done from the command line. Here is an example of how to accomplish this (note that your TFS installation could be in a different location):
      1. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server\Tools\TFSSecurity" /g+ "Service Accounts" n:domain\user /server:MyTFSServer
    3. The Windows Service account that the tool runs under will be used as the account in for both the source and the destination TFS Server in migrations. For the source server, this account must have at least membership in the Readers group, and in the destination at least membership in the Contributors group. For WIT migrations, membership in 'Service Accounts' as mentioned above must also be granted.
  6. All TFS Servers that will be accessed from the tool must first be visited from Visual Studio Team Explorer.
  7. The tool has not been tested with Orcas. We know for a fact that Orcas does not work as the source server for a VC migration. It is unknown if it can be a destination server. We believe that WIT migrations will work between Orcas servers, but this has not been tested.
  8. There is currently a bug in the installer that prohibits database installation on remote servers. To install on a remote server see this post.

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